Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ferrari Rules !! (poem)

Ferrari Rules !!
(A Poem I wrote inspired by the movie "driven".)

I am a F1 Racer,
I am riding a Ferrari,
And am on my last lap,
With a last hope.

My engines are dying down,
My tires have worn off,
Just one lap to go,
With one racer to cover.

I have enough fuel,
But very little time.
I cannot take a pit stop now,
Although my car is in ruins.

I'm trying my best to take the lead,
I'm trying not to lose my hope.
Cause now I have nothing, but hope,
With very little confidence.

I move on into the dark layer of my goal,
And as I do so, all of a sudden I don't see anything,
But the Grey rough track, wet & pure.
The track on which I dare not fumble.

I see my opponent now,
He's slowing down due to the rain.
Maybe he's tired, or maybe he cannot see.
This is my chance cause rain means gain.

1 Km. left for destination,
There's hardly time left now.
I gear up, push harder, look up,
And all I can see now is my goal.

As I speed up, I feel a bit dizzy,
Dizzy because of the whether?
Or dizzy because of the pain?
Is it the rain, or am I just insane?

Now at this very moment,
Everything goes blank.
I cannot hear anything,
I cannot see anything.
All I can see for now,
Is the gray track.

As I gradually speed up,
As I slowly pass the racer,
I feel my heart slowing down,
I cannot feel my hands anymore.

I let go of the steering,
& Zoom right past the finish line.
I close my eyes as the car soars ahead.
When I open them again,
I see huge crowds of fans waving & jumping.
Out of these happy fans, I see 2 distinct words,
From where I was standing?
Ferrari Rules!

-Mohit Khanna

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