Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fear! (poem)


The clock mourned out the cold hour,
Of the cold morning,
Of a still cold year.
The sky over the house screamed,
And shook with a terrible whisper.

He was trembling,
And his face was white-green.
He lay there, listening,
To the motioned silence,
Of the leaping moth,
In a raw dark light.

"Is it coming alive on us?"
He thought.
It is hunting and finding and killing,
And that's all it knows.

It is the creature that quivers gently,
Who sleeps, but does not sleep,
Who lives, but does not live,
In a dark corner.

Rusty and ancient with suspicion,
It growled and looked at him,
With green-blue light,
Flickering in its eyes.

He opened his mouth,
And let a shriek come out,
Between his bared teeth.
He felt his chest chopped down,
And split apart.

The growl simmered in the beast,
And looked at him with an insane anger,
It's next victim.
"I'm afraid".
He swallowed.
Fear. An Abstract.

-Mohit Khanna.

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