Saturday, June 16, 2007

Denying Mars - A Poem

It's lonely here.
Seems like I know everyone,
Seems like everyone knows me too.

It's often quiet inside,
Though I try to be loud,
It's bright inside.
It often gets dark too.

I get tired at night,
Wanting to sleep,
Trying not to stay awake.
I day dream too.

I want to fly away,
But not alone.
I want the night to end,
But not the day too.

This far I've strayed,
This far I've lied too.

The burning desire has seemed to die,
And with it, in my dreams,
I've occasionally died too.
Occasionally cried too.

-Mohit Khanna.

Friend or Foe

You're not a friend,
Nor a foe.
So just fade away,
As you were before

Ferrari Rules !! (poem)

Ferrari Rules !!
(A Poem I wrote inspired by the movie "driven".)

I am a F1 Racer,
I am riding a Ferrari,
And am on my last lap,
With a last hope.

My engines are dying down,
My tires have worn off,
Just one lap to go,
With one racer to cover.

I have enough fuel,
But very little time.
I cannot take a pit stop now,
Although my car is in ruins.

I'm trying my best to take the lead,
I'm trying not to lose my hope.
Cause now I have nothing, but hope,
With very little confidence.

I move on into the dark layer of my goal,
And as I do so, all of a sudden I don't see anything,
But the Grey rough track, wet & pure.
The track on which I dare not fumble.

I see my opponent now,
He's slowing down due to the rain.
Maybe he's tired, or maybe he cannot see.
This is my chance cause rain means gain.

1 Km. left for destination,
There's hardly time left now.
I gear up, push harder, look up,
And all I can see now is my goal.

As I speed up, I feel a bit dizzy,
Dizzy because of the whether?
Or dizzy because of the pain?
Is it the rain, or am I just insane?

Now at this very moment,
Everything goes blank.
I cannot hear anything,
I cannot see anything.
All I can see for now,
Is the gray track.

As I gradually speed up,
As I slowly pass the racer,
I feel my heart slowing down,
I cannot feel my hands anymore.

I let go of the steering,
& Zoom right past the finish line.
I close my eyes as the car soars ahead.
When I open them again,
I see huge crowds of fans waving & jumping.
Out of these happy fans, I see 2 distinct words,
From where I was standing?
Ferrari Rules!

-Mohit Khanna

Fear! (poem)


The clock mourned out the cold hour,
Of the cold morning,
Of a still cold year.
The sky over the house screamed,
And shook with a terrible whisper.

He was trembling,
And his face was white-green.
He lay there, listening,
To the motioned silence,
Of the leaping moth,
In a raw dark light.

"Is it coming alive on us?"
He thought.
It is hunting and finding and killing,
And that's all it knows.

It is the creature that quivers gently,
Who sleeps, but does not sleep,
Who lives, but does not live,
In a dark corner.

Rusty and ancient with suspicion,
It growled and looked at him,
With green-blue light,
Flickering in its eyes.

He opened his mouth,
And let a shriek come out,
Between his bared teeth.
He felt his chest chopped down,
And split apart.

The growl simmered in the beast,
And looked at him with an insane anger,
It's next victim.
"I'm afraid".
He swallowed.
Fear. An Abstract.

-Mohit Khanna.

Moonlit Memories (poem)

Moonlit Memories

Sometimes, memories take me,
to those sleepless nights
Watching the sky
Listening to silence
Singing with the wind
Forming colours for my savage world.

That moonlit sky, those swaying trees
Those fading street lights, that bright clutter of stars
Fear not felt as I stood alone,
in the dark, gazing,
Among the soft rustle of trees.
Watching freedom from within captivity
And wondered, if, once set free,
Would this bird of happy feather
Come back to it's savage world ever.
Or would it fly forever
In the wonderful sky,
Flying up high,
Not wondering why,
Everything had to die.

The fading smile, of the colour blind.
A jolt of memories, a spark of spectrum,
Pushes me up, & takes me back to where I belong.
The bird is forgotten, though I wonder, up high,
It still soars beyond the moonlit sky.

-Mohit Khanna

Hi! My First Post! :D

This is my First post here on this new blog page I created. Always wanted to own a blog page so that I can post all kinds of links and things here.... so do keep coming to this site as I'll be updating this page with lots of links and warez etc...


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